Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Custom Woodworking

The sculpture above is from the classical sculpture collection that I did for the first part of the century. The painting on it is something I started doing in may, 2011.
The 32 foot tall statue at statueofmotherhood.com is an example of determination, as it took me five years to finish.

I have been working in wood for decades. Carvings, assemblages, painting on wood, and whole houses. Wood is one of the nicest materials to work with.

This walnut and birch table is one of the basic tables that I make. It sells for $400.
This style of table comes in a variety of sizes and woods.

Keeping the weight off the center, as I have, three tables, in use for thirteen years now, have not sagged.

I make custom stair rails, and many other woodworking items.

This is one of the many wood sculptures that I made in 1988, after returning from a long trip around South America. Made of walnut and oak, I call it "Music", and it sells for $700. It hangs on the wall, 66 inches by 33 inches, by 2 inches deep.

Construction Work....35 yrs of work in finish carpentry, painting, drywall, ceramic tile, and a variety of other trades.
My construction webpage is michaelsremodeling.com. You can click on the contact tab, then email me.

This is some of the work I have done in my own house , in the last fifteen years. It has made the place much more livable.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Deck and basement in Reston, Va.

This basement was for another customer who called us back. We did a lake view, wrap around deck for them in 1999.
Basements can run from $20 a square foot, on up, complete. They add so much utility to a house, and are the cheapest way to get new space. If yo uhave a walk-out, you will find it especially useful to finish the basement....

This is my web page. It has samples of my work,tips, etc.

This is how the same basement looked, meanwhile building it. Note the drywall, partly taped, and the electrical rough-in....

Ok, it has nothing to do whatever with remodeling work, but it sure is cute. I mean, this little kid screaming out, "A big, giant octopus", while the octopus at the National Zoo writhes and turns. Check it out...